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Jeff’s show requires no special stages, no fancy lights, no smoke, no mirrors and no boxes to hide in. Jeff’s style shows pure talent that is innocent and in your face and can be done anywhere. That is why Jeff Ezell would be perfect for your trade shows, private parties or as a motivational speaker for your conventions and sales meetings.


Come and see the magician the Long Beach Press Telegram called “new, fresh and exciting”. Magic by Jeff Ezell will be the talk of the town with his nationally performed evening of magic and mind reading act. 


 The magic of Jeff Ezell is not a stuffy with a "better than you attitude" magic show. Instead, this is a show that packs small and plays big offering laughter combined with participation blended into a high-energy setting. When you think of magic, you may think of a clown or a child's birthday party. After witnessing this professional sleight of hand artist, your opinion will be forever changed. 



Jeff Ezell
-Residing in SoCal-
The Show



  • Jeff knows what "entertainment" is all about -- he leaves his audiences gasping in amazement, and doubled over in laughter. While being mystified, the audience has also gained a new friend -- Jeff's so likable, we enjoy him even more. I've seen Jeff fill theaters with his fabulous magic, and have seen him perform in small groups and even at The Magic Castle. As a fellow magician, I consider one of his skills in particular to be the best in the nation -- no one can do this better! I'm still floored whenever he displays his talent. Jeff's a master at what he does, and the audience loves his show. You will too.

    star star star star star
    Gary F, Los Angeles, CA
    Other on 01/12/2013
  • I've had the pleasure of seeing Jeff perform several times over the years. His act is superb! He always wows the crowd with his flawless execution and silly banter. I recently had the pleasure of seeing him perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood with a group of friends and co-workers. It took them about 2 weeks to stop raving about him!

    star star star star star
    George B, J. Hollywood, CA
    Other on 11/18/2012
  • Jeff is such a fantastic Magician!!! He's punctual, personable, hospitable, hilarious, and amazing with magic! His magnetic personality really draws people in and gets everyone to interact. He's great with all ages! He was an absolute pleasure to have entertain our event. And we plan to book him much more in the near future! 5 Stars and 2 thumbs up! I highly recommend Jeff Ezell Magic!!

    star star star star star
    Stevie Seal Beach, CA
    Christmas Party on 12/22/2012
  • Jeff did an awesome job. He showed up early and got to work when the crowd showed up. His magic was captivating and several guests commented on how they enjoyed his performance and strolling magic. I will use him again. By the way..... I can't find my glasses after the party... did you make them disappear?

    star star star star star
    Craig H, Anaheim, CA
    Private Party on 01/25/2013

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